About Grim Garden

Grim Garden is unlike any clothing company you'll come across today. The company was established in August of 2016 when they had their first sale; an Adam's buckle-back hat with an embroidered patch hand-sewn onto the front panel, to their first supporter. Since the day Mackenzie Magers and Jacob Weightman (Both born and raised in Toms River, NJ) decided to work together,  there has been a solid understanding of the path they would take; a clear vision.


Grim Garden represents a place that anyone can go to truly be themselves. It promotes a lifestyle that refuses to compromise to the norms or beliefs of society. Grim Garden stands for being yourself no matter what, as long as it does not transgress on others. These two young entrepreneurs set up a clothing brand to bring those dreams to life through the art work printed on its clothing.

Join us in the Grim Garden where you can truly be you.