Grim Garden Sweatpants

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Screen-printed by hand (no armed-machine or industrial appliances) with love by the team and our friends over at The School Morgue. So, as love tends to bring a grey area of compromise to attention that we just decide to look passed because we love the love more then we care about the little what-nots. . . 

Well folks, the prints on these sweatpants come with a 50% chance of imperfection to keep it real. Hopefully you don't mind it and, as mentioned ^, totally see passed these obscurities and kinks and so-on with the printed text. That's how we think most will feel.

Now, that being said, if anyone is unhappy and not going to wear the pair they get because of a total unsatisfied opinion of your sweats, please contact us immediately. We'll get you in a pair that you love as soon as possible. Thank you for understanding, and please spread the word when people compliment your sick sweatpants. Word-of-Mouth is half our marketing!

*** Note to Shopper ***

These bad-boys run quite large. For instance, take a look at the photos on display here. The model is an old friend (and a great one*) Valentina. She is 6 feet tall wearing a Large and the pants touch the ground. These pants clearly fit on the baggier end of the spectrum of sweats, and that was fully intentional in their choosing. Just Keep this ^ in mind, and if you need them hemmed shorter (or anything structural like that) feel free to reach-out and we'll accomodate!


50% Cotton 50% Polyester