BCE~GG Collab Hockey Jersey

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Collaboration piece with Joey Bottino, creator of Breaking the Common Era. (Asbury Park)

Upcycled Jersey, courtesy of Logan Roberts. (Boston,MA)

100% Polyester



  • Front Center = BCE Ribcage Sphere Patch.
  • Front Shirt Pocket = BCE King Card Patch w/ embroidery element.
  • Back Top = Maiden Names Patch (BCE)
  • Back Center = 00 Patch (BCE)
  • Back Bottom = Screenprinted Snake Patch (BCE)
  • Both Biceps = Mirrored GG Primary Skulls Patches

Hidden Pocket Hanging on the front right interior for concealed convenience!

***Notable stains on a few spots, did our best to return them to pure white, nothing crazy. Just don't want any surprises/complaints.***