DIY Handmade Fabric Patches - Everything You Need to Know

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Written by Jake Weightman

Since Grim Garden was started, I've done quite a bit of experimentation when it comes to handcrafted patches.

Here's everything you need to know:

In the very beginning I was clueless of the materials necessary. I had heard of "canvas patches", and so I took the canvas I had laying around and started to draw my symbolic little doodles on with markers and colored pencils.

Canvas was not a bad idea, but I vividly remember wasting a lot of time drawing onto "canvas paper." This stuff is no good, as it will not take well to a washing machine. Fortunately a handful of the first era of patches were made with a high quality canvas material. These are still holding up to the day on my backpack!


 The colored pencils were an iffy choice. On a bag, they'll last a bit. But even given several layers of fixative/sealer, the wax eventually works its way out of the canvas texture and you're left with an increasingly grainy image. Looks cool when you cake the wax up to a filled out mass of color, but in the long run this is not my recommended medium for handcrafting patches.

Before I get to far, checkout my backpack in the photo (above). 3 of the patches involved are either embroidered designs that I cut off of another item or, even more resourceful, a snippet off of an otherwise lame t-shirt print. Look through your t-shirts and pick out all the ones you never wear. There's bound to be a few you could re-purpose into a fresh patch!



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