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Posted by Jake Weightman on

What's that? You love customizing your plain-ass shit with patches
but, at the same time,
are a broke-ass bitch?
Don't worry! All the cool kids are in the same pickle.


My name is Jake Weightman,
and while I'm totally not a kid anymore,
and I ain't even cool I'm warm as hell,
I spent my teenage years figuring this kind of shit out.
(I like to research now but, until recently, I'd just trial and error 
my way up to an acceptable process. I know; totally the hard way.)


I'm going to explain a few methods here, ascending in "class".


First off is the bare minimum.

(As far as long term quality and efforts involved, at least.)

Scroll down to the bottom if you're afraid of a little fraying...

or if you're taking this a bit more seriously.


"Straightup Scraper" Process:


  • a fabric scrap (think "canvas qualities")
  • Sharpie(s) (Don't go trust some dollar store bullshit. Permanent my ass!)
  • Scissors

Whatever it is that you're trying to draw, it's usually best to have it down on paper first so you can just look at it while working on the fabric and avoid mistakes. If you're impatient like me, at least use a color first like red or light blue to do a sketch and then go in with the black to get it looking sharp.

To Fix the Ink to Fabric:

Simply iron the opposite side of the fabric's image on its hottest setting with no water in the iron. Do this for about 5 minutes. If the timer doesn't do it for you, another tell is when the steam from the uncured ink is finished evaporating.